The Colombian House of Representatives decorated, through congressman Jorge Enrique Burgos Lugo from the department of Córdoba, the University of Salamanca with the “Simon Bolivar Order of Democracy” in the “Cruz Comendador” grade, in commemoration of the eighth centenary of its foundation, for being a pioneer among Ibero-American universities and senior among Spanish universities.
Thanks to the existing cooperation between Colombia and Spain, students from various governmental bodies have been trained in mayorships, governorates, high courts and tax control entities. This has allowed, in the last five years, seven hundred students from different universities in Colombia to be trained in diploma courses, as an option of degree.
This prestigious university, during its eight hundred years of existence, has enjoyed academic splendor and international prestige thanks to scientific and literary advances, as well as having illustrious graduates. All of this has allowed the University of Salamanca, in which its valuable architecture stands out, to appear among the most important tourist sites in Spain.