Ablusadas reúne a mujeres que ya participan de otros proyectos.

Ablusadas did, during the month of December, a tour in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The group (I am its drummer) formed about a year ago by eight instrumentalists and composers has been consolidated as a female representative of the blues scene. Something strange is that few women in the world cultivate this genre.
We have attracted the attention of established producers and festivals such as BB Blues and Jazz, held in Belo Horizonte in June 2018, where artists of national and international renown were present.
In our tour, we have the support of the Music Mines program, which encourages the cultural exchange of artists from Minas Gerais, the state in which we live.
Despite having had only one year of training, Ablusadas brings together women who already participate in other artistic projects and other arts such as visual arts and poetry. We are preparing an album with songs of our own to be released in 2019; two singles of this work are already available on digital platforms.