Philippe Cohen junto al bailarín cubano Armando González.

Dancer and director Philippe Cohen lives in a dazzling world. And his routine is also dazzling, but also extremely hard. As director of the Ballet of the Grand Theater in Geneva, Switzerland, he has to do everything or almost everything: choose choreographers, conduct castings for new dancers, organize the program of the tours… However, he assumes those responsibilities with complete naturalness and even smiles when he talks to his dancers who give between seventy-five and eighty-five performances a year.
Before being the company's leader, he was responsible for Lyon´s Higher Conservatory of Dance and the Choreographic Center of Angers. He was trained in classical ballet at the International Dance Center of Rossella Hightower, in Cannes, where he would later teach. There he exchanged with the greats of the twentieth century such as Anton Dolin or Igor Youskevitch. In 2003, he assumed the direction of the Grand Ballet of the Theater of Geneva.