Rafael Álvarez, alias El Brujo, arrives in Havana for the first time in his artistic career of more than thirty years. He comes as an actor genuinely established in the lands of “Mother Spain.” He has participated in theater productions from companies such as Tábano, Teatro Experimental Independiente, Teatro Libre de Madrid, and has proved that he can act, survive and, therefore, he is successful. But this excessive success is also marked by the claim, in the first place, of the Spanish public to which he owes a great debt, and which was asking for shouts for him to act alone. They wanted to see him alone: just him, the lights and the stage. The public must know well the reasons for their demands.
With over three decades as an actor, playwright, producer and yogi, El Brujo relies on meditation as the science of realization of being, provided with wisdom, magic, light and love. He is also a comedian, so laughter cannot be missing in his performances. Nor is poetry absent in the likeness of Shakespeare's universe.