Una de las fotos de Marisa al Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro.
Marisa trabajó durante años como fotógrafa en las Cortes y la Casa Real.

“I have always liked photography since I was a little child. Logically, I did not think of becoming a photographer by any means, but cinema has always captured me.
I am interested in reports insofar as the topic is interesting and able to connect with the reader. Although I have collaborated in national and international magazines, daily newspapers have been the basis of my entire career. I've always thought a lot about the next day, about the reader, about what interests him...
Today, with the passage of time and with an insight, I have had to live close to moments that later have become historical in the life of this country.
One of the most important qualities that a photographer has to have is a lot of patience. I have tried to have it, although sometimes you get it and sometimes you do not.”