Among my photos, probably the most famous are those of Che´s. I took Che's photo four days after I turned 18. It was 1959, six months after he had entered Havana, and then came to Madrid. At that time, very little was known about Che, but there was a very sentimental relationship with Cuba. A colleague of mine had been with him in the Sierra Maestra and had interviewed him and Fidel Castro. Those of the embassy told him that Che Guevara was going to make a stop in Madrid. He called me in case I was interested in taking pictures, and of course I accepted.
I did not talk to him, I kept some distance. What I wanted was just to show in the photos that Guevara was in Madrid, with the University and the Triumphal Arc in the background... but that photo was not seen until 1996. It was shown for the first time in an exhibition in Barcelona. And that photo surprises because he is alone, in his military uniform, on a street that is deserted at seven o'clock on a Sunday morning. There is a sign but he is looking somewhere else. He is alone and in Madrid.