“En Reserva. 4 000 años de arquitectura y urbanismo en un lugar inesperado: Lima.” That is the title of the Peruvian pavilion at the 2018 Architecture Biennial, at the Venetian Arsenal, from May 26 to November 25. The Peruvian installation “Undercover” is a tribute to the Huacas of Lima - four hundred and forty-seven 4,000 years-old pre-Columbian buildings, rich in unknown memories - that intends to fathom the possibilities of urban transformation in the current continuity between architecture and the environment.
The pavilion covers the different times of Peru, effectively communicating the relationship between historical-geographical context and cultural heritage. The exhibition mechanism evolves in a sober and minimalist rectangular space that recalls the typical pre-Hispanic routes.
A combination of archaeological sites, pre-Hispanic irrigation canals and pedestrian paths that contribute to the understanding of the urban and cultural evolution of Lima over four thousand years is displayed in the exhibition.