During November 1-10, the Muestra Nacional de Teatro (National Theater Exhibition) was held in Mexico City in its thirty-ninth edition. And among the thirty-three programmed works from various regions of the country, that of the group Puño de Tierra stands out. Written and directed by young Fernando Bonilla, Algo en Fuenteovejuna stems from the classic work of Lope de Vega to output a free version that takes as a reference the phenomenon of self-defense organized in Michoacán in 2014 to rebel against the drug-government.
The Mexican version hybridizes fragments of the original work with close testimonies of the so-called war against the drug lords, which translates into expropriation of land, abuse against women and crime with guaranteed impunity. Something in Fuenteovejuna fictionalizes the near past life of a small Mexican community, determined to face the Cruz de Calatrava Cartel in order to conquer its rights and recover peace.