El director Emir Kusturica y Pepe Mujica durante el rodaje del documental.

One of the most acclaimed protagonists in the last 75th edition of the Venice Film Art Show was José Alberto Mujica Cordano. Never in his 83 years had he thought to be in such an event: But nothing is standard in his incredible life. Among the works presented in the exhibition, which deal with the most varied topics, two are dedicated to the existence of the former president of Uruguay: La noche de 12 años, a film about his imprisonment, and El Pepe, una vida suprema, a documentary film by Emir Kusturica very simple and intimate in which Mujica himself offers a perspective on his present and past reality.
First, with a stark and more extremely sensitive look over the long imprisonment, and then with the physical, spiritual and human presence of Mujica in Venice, the Italian public was able to follow the experience of the man who has made the most of his life, carrying on his shoulders the weight of each decision, aging, facing epochal changes with the same spirit of when everything started in his Latin America, which, quoting him, "has no solutions but searches".