Love, writing, history, constructions, the conquest and the hodgepodge of the people formed the legend: the city of San Miguel de Ibarra, the capital of the province of Imbabura, also known as La Ciudad Blanca (The White City.) They say that Gonzalo Zaldumbide (1882-1965), an Ecuadorian writer, essayist and diplomat, author of the book Égloga tragica, named this land so because its buildings were painted with the beautiful ivory color. Perhaps it is also true that in its origins, related to Europeans, the region was populated by a remarkable concentration of Spaniards and Portuguese, with a white complexion, different from the skin color of the natives. The miscegenation that followed made the clash of cultures and the subsequent arrival of Afro-descendants inevitable; and that is the ethnic composition that today inhabits Ibarra: a neighborhood emerged on a valley, in the so-called Sierra Andina, just 126 kilometers to the north of the capital Quito, 135 km from Colombia and 185 km from the exit to the sea through San Lorenzo, in the Pacific Ocean.
If, upon your arrival in the Republic of Ecuador, you forget the name La Ciudad Blanca, then ask after the Province of Los Lagos and you will end up in Ibarra, Imbabura. Once you are there, you may check what other natural and exclusive attractions you may also visit.