«I like the art of ideas. That's where my work begins: in an idea. Then there comes the issue of choosing the material, although sometimes it is vice versa. The materials themselves come with a load of added content, like the lead wires that use to hang earlier on the street and are now reused in my pieces.
»In the nineties my work was oriented towards vulnerable neighborhoods. There I discovered with my students the world of saints and Santeria. I have a San Lazaro which is a doctor like my father, although I do not come from a family of syncretic religions. I am going to exhibit the pictures of Deuda for the first time, because they were there, spoiling.
»I currently have two studios. The first one I built it myself. It is part of a house where my daughter was born and now it is like the store of these pieces. It is a good haven. It has good energy. In this expo there are stages of my life that I already “burned” and when I saw the works I had to revisit them: some were painful, but in the end the curatorship, that I always do myself, has brought me joys ».