El Septeto Santiaguero, junto a José Alberto El Canario, obtuvo el Grammy Latino al Mejor Álbum de Música Tradicional.
Chucho Valdés recibe el Premio Grammy a la Excelencia de la mano de Omara Portuondo.

The party is underway. Wise words turned into a danceable bridge in a song written by the unforgettable Juan Formell. That’s the spirit that today makes the rounds in our company on the eve of its first 55 years of nonstop work for the sake of Cuba’s culture and musical memory.
And there’s no better start than celebrating and praising the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award granted to Chucho Valdes for his outreaching and steady job. Similar joy is shared out of the second gramophone nabbed by the boys of the Septeto Santiaguero together with José Alberto El Canario.
These are prizes that extoll both talent and tradition. These are the awards to all those who pin their trust in the EGREM family to make their dreams, ideas and values come true and flourish under the plentiful shade of our music, let alone spread out and strengthen the spirit of everybody who loves Cuban music.
Congrats to all of our winners!