Junto a los también legendarios Raquel Revuelta y Alejandro Lugo.

As she once confessed, she would rather play evil characters. Of course, in her prolific career she played the roles of a young lady and a tender woman, but the truth is that we all remember Silvia Maritza Rosales Pomares, our very first actress Maritza Rosales, as one of the "baddest" most repudiated and simultaneously (what a wonderful contradiction!) the most beloved and revered of all times.
A founder of the UNEAC, Unión de Escritores y Artistas y Cuba (Union of Writers and Artists and Cuba), throughout her career she was awarded, due to her indisputable artistic merits, with numerous decorations: the Distinción por la Cultura Nacional (Distinction for National Culture,) the Premio Nacional de Televisión (National Television Award,) the Artista de Mérito de la Radio y la Televisión Cubanas title (Artist of Merit of Cuban Radio and Television,) the Alejo Carpentier, Frank País, Raúl Gómez García and Aniversario 40 de la Televisión Cubana medals, the Micrófono por el Aniversario 70 de la Radio Cubana Distinction and Premio Actuar for a lifetime's work.