On October 23, 1993, the “Casa de Iberoamérica” was founded in a patrimonial building in the city of Holguín. One of its most important creations, the Fiesta de la Cultura Iberoamericana, paid tribute on his twenty-fifth anniversary to an institution whose main objective was to consolidate the interest in the expressions of art and culture in the region.
Arte por Excelencias talks with its most visible figure, Eduardo Ávila Rumayor, who since 2011 runs this emblematic institution in the east of the country.
"Between October 25 and 28, 1992, an important group of Cuban intellectuals met and discussed the meaning of the celebrations of the five centuries of Columbus's arrival in this hemisphere: whether it was a conquest enterprise that annihilated a good part of the culture of our native peoples, or had to do also with the forging of a new culture. That was the initial idea of ​​an institution like this: to provide continuity to these debates».