Beatriz Márquez recibió el Gran Premio Cubadisco de manos de Alpidio Alonso, ministro de Cultura de Cuba.

We are before one of those duos conformed by two myths of Cuban song whose aesthetic proposal is of such a scope that it constitutes an assessment impossible to summarize in a few words. Perhaps what first comes to the fore is the validation of the concept of the eternity of art when unalterable levels of quality are reached with the passing of .time, as happens with the record that concerns us. Both, Adolfo Guzmán - whose era of splendor as a composer took place between the fifties and sixties of the last century - and Beatriz Márquez, who has had such a long-standing and successful career that anyone could have the idea that, at this moment, Beatriz has nothing new to say, in the CD Libre de Pecado they and the thorough producer Jorge Aragón have absolutely cleared any doubts.
And it is that an album like this one by Beatriz Márquez will be, under any circumstance, something beautiful despite the fashions and the ways of doing that flimsy artistic “scaffolds” try to impose, supported only by the illusion of a supposed fame in tune with the commercial interests of each historical moment.