A la inauguración de ArtBo asistieron importantes personalidades colombianas.
Nuestro enviado especial Toni Piñera en el stand de Arte por Excelencias.
José Carlos de Santiago, presidente del Grupo Excelencias, y María Paz Gaviria, directora de ArtBo.

ArtBo 2018 has transformed the Colombian capital into a focal point of international art, and of ours in particular, nucleating around it an interesting movement throughout the city hand in hand with this meeting. Each event becomes a magical space due to the originality of the offers. Beyond the established and known, contemporary art has no borders. That's why anything serves the creators: chalk, pencils, wall fragments, coffee, sugar, ropes, sand, cement…the list could be endless.
Arte por Excelencias magazine occupied, for the third consecutive time, a singular and attractive space in the Publications section. The stand was adorned with posters that showed the cultural diversity of the largest island of the Antilles. It was a powerful magnet that aroused the interest of the passers-by. Then, finding that cultural/artistic treasure on the fancy pages of Arte por Excelencias - its director José Carlos de Santiago participated with all success in this edition - attracted even more attention.