After its exhibition in Valladolid, the recent work of Brazilian painter Renato Costa (Rio de Janeiro, 1974) now arrives in Barcelona, at the Miguel Marcos Gallery. Through a dozen oil paintings on canvas, he shows Nessum Dorma, which, translated from Italian, means “Let no one sleep.” The title is based on one of the most famous arias of the opera Turandot by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini.
Unlike his previous exhibitions, in which conceptual art predominated and he incorporated video, performance and installation, he now presents a series of works where color is the protagonist and which move between figuration and abstraction. In one way or another, an interest in the past and the present can be seen in each of his creations.
Renato Costa claims and uses «figuration, subjectivity, open emotions, autobiography, memory, symbolism, psychology and narrative», which means that his work can be related to the idea that some artists have of diving into the past to see what happened in different historical eras and then convey it - like this time - to his canvases, or to his installations, in which he tries to forge a discourse that also allows understanding the reality of the present moment.