Osvaldo Montes believes that his music brought only the necessary to El lado oscuro del corazón, the classic film by Eliseo Subiela (1944-2016) co-produced by Argentina and Canada in 1992.
Montes started writing very young, influenced by the Nueva Trova. After several years with the iconic group Los Calchakis, he worked for Canadian television and made his first feature film, La Gûepe, directed by Gilles Carle, and from there he has not stopped, says the author of the soundtrack of films as Tango feroz: the legend of Tanguito, Little miracles, Silver burned, Bolívar is me, Ay, Juancito, A distant place, Hostage of illusions, Landscapes devoured, Omission and I am like that, Tita of Buenos Aires.
For  who is one of the most important film composers of the contemporary scene.
 The trust with the director is fundamental, and a film is the result of the work of many. "I listen to the movies. Unfortunately it's like that: I see them, but I listen to them. It is a very difficult professional distortion".