“La edad de oro”
“Todo está bien”, pintura mural de Jean-Michel Alberola.

Can the artist detach himself from his time and paint flowery meadows? He can, but he must also leave testimony, confront and dream of a time when humanity gets closer, at least a little, to that ideal of peace and harmony that the United Nations so much defends.
That is the eternal road trekked by Utopías modernas (Modern Utopias), the new permanent collection of the Pompodiu Málaga Center, with which the Andalusian museum closes 2017. Malevich, Picasso, Chagall, Miró, Delaunay, Kandinsky...are some of the protagonists of this journey through the history of the great chimeras of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Curated by Brigitte Leal, deputy director of the Parisian Pompodiu, and organized into six chapters (The Great Utopia, The End of Illusions, Together, The Radiant City, Imagining the Future and The Golden Age), the more than sixty selected works reflect the historical events that have marked our time and nourished the imagination and dreams of modern and contemporary artists.